Website Owners: 10 important things you need to know about website Malware

If you have a Business website then you website scanning
really need to be aware of the threat
malware poses to your Online Business.

1: Website malware  is a new phenomenon affecting thousands
of website owners every day; hackers release harmful
software that trawls the internet and infects websites
automatically via vulnerabilities in website software.

2: Google Safe Browsing Service blacklists 9,500
websites daily because they carry some sort of Malware
that is considered dangerous to their visitors.
Business Websites are increasingly used in the
distribution of Malware mostly without
their owner’s knowledge.

3: Some Business owners have reported a 40% drop in visitor traffic as a
direct result of a malware infection.

4. There is an average cost of $1,600 per incident with Malware
costing the global Economy nearly $1 trillion dollars a year.

5: Criminals like targeting small websites with low traffic at is allows them to avoid
detection for longer and cause more damage.

6: Even though your office or business computers may be protected by anti-virus

Software that security will probably not protect your website.

7: Once a website is infected with malware it then infects the device of anyone
who visits it IE:  Your customers so that criminals can compromise their devices
and steal their personal data.

8: Websites that distribute malware (even unknowingly) may be blacklisted,
by Google, once blacklisted: Your site is flagged, and when users try to click through to
your website they get a warning page advising them to visit at their own risk.

9: Getting removed from the search engines blacklist takes an average of 7- 10 days

10: A Website Malware infection can cause damage and disruption to your Business
in many ways Inc: Damage to your online reputation, Loss of customer trust
and goodwill toward your Business, plus the Downtime due to blacklisting
+ Non-compliance issues, or Payment Card Industry (PCI) violations.

Did you know that even though your office devices may be protected
by anti-virus Software that security will not necessarily also extend
to your Business website also most hosting companies don’t
provide anti malware scanning services.

scan packs

Secure your Business website today from website Malware
Prevention is always better than cure, by preventing infection you
avoid all the negative aspects of dealing with an infection and the
associated consequences and damage to your online Business.

Employ a real-time Anti-Malware Website Scanning service –
This service scans your website constantly and notifies you instantly
once infection is detected; our team is on hand to guide you
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