7 Essential tools for Business Blogs

There are several ways your business can benefitM-commerce
from  blogging short of starting your own blog,
from simply identifying and monitoring the most
influential blogs in your industry, to asking bloggers
to write about interesting developments at your
company, to guest-blogging.

But once you’ve made the commitment to writing your own blog,
here are seven essential tools beyond the blogging platform itself
(Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Moveable Type, etc.) to
help promote your business blog and make it successful.

Like a set of power tools for bloggers, Technorati lets you claim your blog, add tags to
make it easier for people to find it, monitor your blog’s popularity, place an
“Add this to my Technorati favorites” Web 2.0 social tagging button,
install a toolbar plug-in to tag your favorite sites/blogs, and more.

The easiest way to produce and promote an RSS feed for your blog so
your fans can add your feed to their favorite RSS newsreader, MyYahoo, NetVibes or other desktop tool.

eXTReMe Tracker
A free, easy-to-add traffic-tracking tool for your blog, that shows you traffic by day,
week and month as well as where your readers are coming from.

Web 2.0 social tagging service where you can submit your blog, post articles,
tag your favorite sites, and add a “My Zimbio” tagging button to make it
easy for your readers to tag your blog posts.

Another social tagging site that provides a free “Digg It” button for your blog to
let readers easily tag your posts for increased visibility. Digg is monitored
by Google Alerts, which further increases your blog’s exposure.

The truth laid bear
Like Technorati, TTLB lets you claim your blog and monitor its popularity,
although in this case based on how many other blogs link to yours.
It’s also helpful for finding the most popular blogs in your subject area.

Each time you add a new post, use Pingoat to easily and automatically ping
the most popular syndication services (including Technorati,
FeedBurner, Moreover and IceRocket) to let them know you’ve added new content.
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