The War of Dirty Tricks: How Richard Branson Defeated British Airways

How Branson Defeated British Airways

Richard Branson is no virgin to the skies. But what happens when one of those “big businesses” wants to fight back using dirty tricks?
Today’s episode highlights the story of Branson’s once underdog airline, Virgin Atlantic, and its “David V. Goliath” battle against British Airways for the right to the skies, a battle that would infamously become known as the “Dirty Tricks Campaign”.
Branson took on the audacious goal of starting an airline, a risky industry prone to failure and bankruptcies. Virgin Atlantic was meant to improve the experience of passengers, using fun as a business model. But British Airways wasn’t happy that some “rock and roll hippie” was trying to steal its thunder. Under the leadership of Lord King, British Airways decided to play dirty.
Using covert teams, stolen information, impersonations, private investigators, and leaking damaging rumors, British Airways would stop at nothing to stop Branson’s dream of offering a better airline.


Credit to : Business Casual

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