Some tips on managing the problems associated with stress

Stress can be very overwhelming and often we do not see it creeping up on

For the most part we simply struggle on, knowing full well that things are starting to get on top of us. Rather than address the issue early on we tend to ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Of course, this is not the answer and it is far better to follow some handy stress management hints and tips that will help us deal with the problem. It goes without saying that we can’t eradicate the problems associated with a hectic life and work pattern but we can learn to cope with them a little better.

What is causing you the problem?
The most important thing is to identify what is causing you the stress.
It may be work or it may be something in your personal life.
Without working out what it is that is getting to you, you cannot address it.

Ask people around you to help you
If the problem is simply to do with your inability to manage all of your responsibilities then start to
use the people around you and share your load. It can be difficult to trust others with what we see
as our own problems to sort but when there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, it is
important to be able to delegate.

Get some perspective
Get some perspective and see things with fresh eyes. Not everything is as bad as you imagine but
stress can distort our perceptions and make us feel as though everything is far worse than it is really.
Take some time for yourself and spend some time with your friends and family. Enjoy yourself a little
more and feel the strain ease a little. Doing things that make you laugh or relax you can help you
deal with your problems in a much more relaxed manner.

Don’t worry about the things you cannot control
Realise the things that you actually have control over. There is very little point concerning ourselves
with things that we cannot change. It is far more productive to focus our efforts on what is within
our power to control.

Take feedback positively
Work on your resilience. You may receive feedback badly and feel it is a personal judgement but
standing back a little and taking your criticism on the chin can help you learn and grow.

Get the balance right
Don’t allow work to consume you. Your life should incorporate much more than your job so make
sure that you the right balance. As much as there should be room for hard work, there should be
room for enjoyment too. If you do feel though that having followed all of these hints and tips, you
are still becoming stressed or you are unable to address work-related problems, then consider
your options. You should not hate having to go to work every day, and you should not put up with
unfair treatment or a bullying boss. After you have taken the time to get some perspective, but you
still feel that you cannot make things better for yourself at work, then obviously must address this
through the appropriate channels.

Yes, stress is something we all feel and experience, but it should not become an on-going problem
that affects our health. If you suspect you are suffering with stress then you should speak to a
medical professional.

We hope you find these tips of value.


The BSN Team