Improve Business Performance and Efficiencies through Training

In times of recession it’s essential for business to find E-Learning
ways to increase efficiencies, reduce operation costs
while at the same time maintaining profitability, normally
this means cutting back on non-core expenses
such as Travel, Events & Training.

There is an effective argument though for investing
in business training to get the maximum benefits,
efficiencies and productivity from all areas of the business,
This training should include all levels of management and staff.


Some Key business improvements


  • Employees training helps develop new skills to keep up with the
    evolving technologies that increase productivity

  • Management training will help improve business focus in key strategic
    areas that are most beneficial or profitable  to the business

  • Highly trained employees who are interested in bettering themselves and
    the business can be an incredible asset in the workplace

  • A better skilled workforce means fewer machine breakdowns, lower maintenance
    costs, lower staff turnover, lower recruitment costs, fewer bad debts, fewer
    customer support calls, fewer help desk calls, less need for supervision,
    reduced downtime, and increased worker productivity.

  • As more employees develop skills in needed areas and learn consistent
    approaches to process improvement and problem-solving, there is a
    cumulative effect that benefits the entire organization.

Some Key performance Stats

  • An ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) study found
    companies offering comprehensive training enjoyed a 24% higher profit
    margin than those with less comprehensive training.

  • According to The National Center for Vocational Education Research companies
    see an ROI from 30% to 7,000% on every training dollar spent.

  • Companies investing in training have a higher income per employee of up to 218% according to ASTD.

  • An MPI (Manufacturing Performance Institute) study of 1,000 manufacturing
    companies found that the median revenue per employee went up $31,000 when
    an effective supervisory leadership training program was part of their culture.