Essential Communication tools for your business in 2013

Communication is a lifeline for every business. Future-Technology-2020-2
We have collected some of the apps\tools
that will help you to enhance your business communication.

Skype: – Skype is well known for cheap voice calls over the internet.
If your business requires you to interact with your clients online
in the different parts of the world; this is fantastic tool for you.

CubeTree: – Keep yourself up-to-date on others activities by
following people and groups of interest. You can also post updates
and comments. Social docs, wikis, Blogs, polls and task
tracking all can be done with CubeTree.

Yammer:-Yammer proves to be the perfect tool for your team, especially
if you don’t want all of your communications to be public. After setting this
up, you can form groups for private team, update the status of your projects;
send messages to others inside the company.

WizeHive: – Share your conversations, tasks, notes, files, calendars, and
other information in private and secure workspaces through WizeHive.
This is a good choice for companies whose email usage is a lot.

Codebase: – Have you seen a webapp that merge a code repository with a
communications platform? If not, try Codebase. It’s a great key for team
communications with development teams that helps to keep focused your
tasks while you’re discussing the project with your team. you may share video, documents, images,
and audioclips with your colleagues. You can create groups for each
project or topic of discussion and users will receive messages that are relevant to the topic.
On the other hand they are free to move between conversations as preferred.

Google Chat: – Google Chat is one of the most popular chat services on the web.
Be it voice or video chat, you can do it all from your Gmail in your browser.
It also saves your chat for future reference.

GoToMeeting:-It is very effective online meeting and web conferencing tool.
With this tool, you can chat privately and broadcast screenshots to some specific participants.

AltaMail :- Altamail enables you to e-mail from various accounts
into a single inbox and facilitates their printing.

Twitter: – Connect to the outside world with Twitter. Hear from others
about your products and services. It also gives you the
chance to support your customers directly.

We hope you find these applications of value


The BSN Team