9 of the best Social Networking Channels for your Business

In today’s competitive business world, social networking
Social-Networkinghas become an effective strategy for helping business
build awareness and grow a wider customer base.

Here is a list of 9 effective social networking channels to help
you to enhance the visibility of your business online:-

1: Facebook: – Facebook is one of the largest social networks that
will definitely help you to grow your business. You may share links,
images and videos of your products and business and reach
across multiple demographics with this easy-to-use platform.

2: Squidoo: – Share your knowledge and your industries secrets by creating a profile
and answering questions on Squidoo.

3: Twitter: – Follow your favorite celebrities, experts and friends with this micro-blogging social network.
You may stay in touch with your customers and provide another level of real time customer service.

4: StumbleUpon: – Meet people with common interests and share your discoveries.
It showcases giant collections of best pages on the web. Stumbleupon will help
place your website in front of users that are interested in discovering new things.

5: Pinterest: – Pinterest is an incredible social network tool for people who are interested in
fashion, design or visual arts industries.

6: Ning: –Bring together your clients, vendors, customers and co-workers in a
confidential and secure corner of the Web. Ning helps you to create  your free
social networks that you can share with anyone.

7:YouTube: Largest video sharing channel that helps you to reach
the target audience by uploading videos for free.

8:Digg: Digg helps the visitors to submit and browse articles in
different categories like business, entertainment technology, sports and more.

9: LinkedIn: – LinkedIn is an effective medium to exchange information, ideas and
opportunities in a professional manner. You can promote your business via professional
recommendations, experience and credentials, isn’t it great!

We hope you find these twitter tools of value.


The BSN Team

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