5 tips to improve your Communication skills

It is important to work on improving your communication skills asBusiness Networking
these will assist you in your day to day personal and business life.
To help with this here are 5 tips to improve your communications skills

1. Listen to others
An important ability for good communications is the ability to listen to others. Some people may have a point to make and should be listened to. This will also improve the line of communications within the group or organisation if a person feels they are being listened to.

2. Be Patient
It is important to listen to and digest the information you have heard
and not rush to a quick or rash conclusion. Be patient and make a decision
and communicate that decision in a clear and concise manner.

3. Learn to focus
You must learn to focus when in a one to one or group situation and listen to the key aspects
of any conversation or presentation. You will be able to pick out the important points to focus
on and use these in any reply or response.

4. Observe body language
A key aspect to any form of communication is observing the body language of the person or
persons you are communication with. Learning to understand or interpret their body language
will help you engage with your audience and judge their reaction a lot better.

5. Be prepared
If you wish to communicate more effectively you should look at the various methods of
communications and the tools you can use to make your message more understandable.
You can practice and prepare your communication message and look at the different
methodologies you can use e.g. visual presentation, group discussion, Q &A sessions, etc

We hope you find these tips of benefit

Thanks the BSN Team