5 Reasons for using WordPress to manage your website

For any business that would like improve its presenceContent-Curation
on the Internet, choosing the right Content Management System (CMS)
can be the key decision in this marketing plan.

While there are several CMS options for content managed websites, it is
recommended that you use WordPress.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress CMS has developed into a fast and responsive content system that is easy to setup, manage and use. So why has WordPress become the CMS of choice for most small business websites?

Some of the reasons why WordPress is the website CMS of choice are:

1. Design Templates
Wordpress offers multiple theme or template design options for your business. Whether for setting up a blog, posting business articles or managing your website, various WordPress templates are readily available.

2. Web Plugins
Installing and adding new extensions or plugins to the content management system will not be a complicated affair. WordPress is one of the most suitable CMS as it offers a range of optional plugins to be added to the site for additional functionality. This will allow you to customise your site to suit your particular needs.

3. SEO friendly
For a CMS to be effective and successful, the system has to be Internet or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. WordPress has a range of built-in options that helps in the SEO process.
Using the permalinks option, you can ensure that your company’s URLs or links are search engine friendly. An example of this would be to use the blog post title in the URL, making it more effective for search engines to link relevant keywords to your website.
You can also add tags or keywords to your Posts and add or group them into various categories to help in the SEO process. Remember, most website visitors come from search engines. If you’re ranked high there, you’ll get more hits.

4. Social Media Plugins
Another benefit of using WordPress is that it offers various SEO plug-ins to enhance the effect of search engine optimisation.
Using popular plug-in such as the All-in-One SEO Pack, you’ll get optimal results within minutes. It’s ultimately easy to implement and virtually maintenance free.
You can also use a plugin to build a Google sitemap to aid in the indexing of your website content on the google search engine and to notify google when you add content or update your website.

5. WordPress is Faster
All WordPress powered websites offer a faster loading speed compared to other CMS solutions. It is believed that WordPress is three time faster than Joomla. Why should you be concerned about your website loading speed?
For one, nobody likes to sit for 5 minutes waiting for a page to load. In addition, if you are using the site in Google Adwords campaign, Google considers web loading speed as one its  Quality Score criteria.

All in all, WordPress offers the best CMS solution for those who want to focus more on the marketing side of the business instead of being bogged down by technical design matters. Using WordPress is simple, powerful, faster and SEO friendly – which make for one winning combination.

We hope you find these tips of benefit.

Thanks, the BSN team.