11 great Gmail Tools to help your Business

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services today Business-Tools-3
We have collected links to  tools to enhance its capabilities
even further so as to help you to organize and manage
our emails more efficiently.

Here they are in no particular order:-

1. Send From Gmail: – When you click on an email address
on any web page, this tool automatically opens a Mail
Compose window in right within your browser.
You can open the Mail Compose window quickly by just clicking on it.

2. WiseStamp: – With this tool your can convert your Gmail signature into a one-stop
promotional tool. You can also add icons, links and other important information into a polished template.

3. Rapportive: – With Rapportive, right sidebar of your inbox shows you everything that
you need to know about your contacts. Along with that, you can also add your own personal,
private notes to your contacts profiles for safe-keeping.

4. Minimalist For Everything: – This extension helps you to choose how to make
your inbox more efficient and focus on what’s actually important for you: the email inside of it.

5. Integrated Gmail: – This extension helps you to access all of your commonly
used tools from one location, be it, Google Calendar, Google Reader, or any of your other online tools.

6. Better Gmail: – Better Gmail helps you to remove features in Gmail
that you may not want, like ads, chat, web search, etc.

7. CloudMagic:- This tools acts as a search engine for your Gmail account that works both
online and offline.  You can place CloudMagic search bar right inside your Gmail inbox.

8. Boomerang For Gmail: – The extension is a great help if you want to schedule email
messages to be sent or returned to your inbox at a later time.

9.OmniMail For Gmail: – This tool helps you to send the email messages from the address bar.
You just need to type “Mail email Address” and press “Enter” and this will open up a compose window for you.

10. Meeting Scheduler For Gmail: – This tool enables you to find common
meeting times that are convenient for all your attendees. With this extension,
you can manage and schedule meetings quicker and faster.

11. Gmail Watcher: – This tool checks your Gmail at a specific interval and report to
you in status-bar and toolbar. You can also select to alert by sound or by blinking icon.

We hope you find these tools of value


The BSN Team