10 Tips for organizing your Desk

Organize your business workspacebusiness

Improve your productivity and the functionality of your workspace
by having a clean and organised desk.

The following tips might help you achieve this and keep colleagues
off your back at the same time:

1. Only Keep the Stationary you really need

People are creatures of habit with only two hands and the ability to use either one pen or pencil at the same time. Unless you’re working in a stationary store, storing a dozen of each is unnecessary clutter you don’t really need.

2. Make Space for Personal Items

It is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst working, and having a set place for pocket
items like mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, keys etc, will help with this. This will help you find them
quicker, too.

3. Keep things you need close at hand

Common sense tells us that something we use on a daily basis should be closer than something we use
once a week, or once a month. However, sometimes people arrange their desks so they “look good” or
simply keep things closer that they used last. By keeping priority items closer you’ll save time having to
move everything around trying to find what you really need.

4. Easy to access files

Minimize the time it takes to file and retrieve items. You should be able to do this without moving your
chair or getting up. Making filing easier is an important tip as the harder something is to file, the more
likelihood you are to put it off and the clutter increases…

5. Scan Files

If possible it is always better to have a scanned copy of any paper files. This will reduce the amount of
time it takes to retrieve the document and allow you to move the space-consuming paper into storage
areas. A sheet feeder scanner can really get the job done quickly and another alternative is outsourcing
the scanning to companies who provide this service.

6. Scrap Notepad

Keep a scrap notepad especially to write down odd bits of information like phone numbers, names,
addresses, etc, etc. This will keep your desk from being overrun with scraps bits of paper and keeping all
the “ad-hoc” info in one place will improve your productivity as it will be easier to find.

7. Tidy as you go

It’s much more efficient to tidy-up as frequently as possible, or even as you go. Get in the habit of
tidying your desk every afternoon before leaving the office as opposed to weekly or monthly.
If your desk is too large (or there is simply too much on it!) tidy incrementally and organize certain
areas of it daily.

8. Be free from wires

Unless it’s absolutely impossible, wires for PCs, printers, routers, faxes, etc, etc should not be trailing
across your desk. They make your desk look unsightly and will make it harder to organize your desk. One
solution is to use Velcro straps or electrical tape to get them out of the way. Another is to investigate if
any wireless solutions exist to your tangle of wires.

9. Get more storage space

Investigate the possibility of getting more drawers, bookshelves or filing cabinets to help remove things
off your desk. It might be possible to get storage space that doubles as drawers and filing cabinets to fit
neatly under the desk.

10. Cleaning Supplies

If you keep your desk clean it will really help with its organisation. A recent study found that the
average office desk had more germs per square inch than an office toilet seat. Wiping down your desk,
keyboard and phone with disinfectant wipes will help clean and organise your desk and kill germs at the
same time.

We hope you find this information of value


The BSN Team